Different Types of Plantation Shutters


It is highly necessary for windows (and even doors) in the home to be covered up. If you value your security and privacy, this is a basic step that should be done. Windows are of glasswork, typically, and if left as it is, people from the outside can just see the inner workings of your home. And that is quite terrible, isn’t it? It can be harmful as well. It is like you are granting permission for outsiders to take in and look through your possessions. You never know, these very folks will scheme to do something bad to you and your family. It is absolutely better to be safe than sorry, right?

Transparency of your windows also allows light to come in. This can come in the form of the sun and sources such as lamp posts. Light is good but too much of it can be bad (especially the dangerous ultraviolet rays of the sun). When you are sleeping, you do not want your sleep to be disrupted, do you?

Therefore, treatments like plantation shutters should definitely be installed to your windows to avoid these problems and disturbances.

These are coverings or screens that you put up for these said functions. They are not only multipurpose, they are also classic in every way. With just these, you get to have a style and flair inside your house.

There are different types and they are as follows: Full Height, Café Style, Tier on Tier, Solid Panels and Special Shapes.

Full Height is the standard form. It just means they cover the whole length of the window. They can be made with a divider rail in the middle to have two portions. With this, the parallel slats of each area can be operated (read: open or close) together or separately. So, you certainly have more control on the entry of light. This type is pretty popular.

There is also Café Style shutters are those that are installed only half of the window. They are also known as half shutters. For a long window, these are usually done on the lower part, with the upper area left un-shuttered. This way, you get the best of both worlds, as you still enjoy some light and a view but still with a sense of concealment.

For more independence and freedom, Tier and Tier is perfect. Two sets of shutters are established, where you can control them depending on your preference. For instance, when it is early morning, a little sunlight is great so you can opt to open the top part or perhaps, the bottom one. This can be done with Tier and Tier.

Another of these interior treatments are Solid Panels. They are not with louvres like the other types. Basically, they are boards or blocks where light can’t pass through at all. But when opened, they provide full illumination and air as well. Moreover, you will be quite detached from unwanted noise. These are suitable for spaces that need utmost protection and peach such as bedrooms and nurseries.

It is common for houses to have windows that do not have standard shapes and sizes like arched, angled and circular. These are done to give a pretty and elegant finish to the residence. Special Shapes can be custom made to fit and cater to this unique variety.

Whichever of these you choose, having this type of blind is definitely a great investment. They serve as refined and practical solutions to all your windows. You will not have to worry about disruptions of any kind since they can effectively do their job of safeguarding the occupants and the house itself.

These window treatments will surely give your interiors some personality and aura. And if you pick out those with a colour and design that matches and complements the overall look of the specific room, then there is no doubt you will achieve a chic space in the comforts of your own home.

Going for shutters is a good decision, they are functional and beautiful. And on top of that, they are low maintenance. Unlike blinds and curtains, they do not absorb dust and so, you can easily wipe them clean. As this fact stands, it then brings no hassle to preserve its original conditions. This will result to a better chance of strength and longevity.

Get these plantation shutters now! Make your humble abode lovelier than it already is. For sure, they will increase its value to the fullest!