Shutter Materials


Shutters are essentials as you style the interiors of your home. They are packed with purpose and beauty. These window coverings come in many different colours and designs; it would not be hard to find a set or two that will correspond to the appearance and atmosphere of your abode.

Decorating your house windows with plantation shutters is definitely a great investment. But more than their function and style, you also have to inspect and consider the materials they are made of and see which is suitable for you.

Wood is a common material but since there are many kinds, they certainly have their differences – advantages and disadvantages.

Basswood is one of the superior woods as it is hard and it has a fine texture. Sanding and staining can also be done to make it as smooth as possible. And even with its sturdy feature, it is lightweight. It comes from a tree with a strong trunk so it is absolutely a material of durability. In addition, it has high resistance to heat and water, making it not easy to warp. It will certainly stay attractive and charming for a very long time.

A popular one next to basswood is poplar wood. Both types are similar but poplar does not do well with staining. It has mineral streaks and can come in multi colors, somewhat giving it a character. In general, it is lightweight but when compared to basswood, it is pretty heavy.

Treatments made of maple are those that are considered with the highest quality. They are very wear resistant; they remain firm and strong amidst dings and dents. This fine wood has a smooth grain as well, so there is no doubt it produces sleek and gleaming finishes. Its denseness is no joke too, making your shutters one that holds and lasts.

For a simple, minimal and light look, white teak wood is perfect. It is silver in colour making it gentle on the eyes. It is easy to work with too for you can paint, stain and form it according to your preferences. Moreover, it takes pride on its stability.

Now, wood has its artificial counterparts. Polywood is a composite lumber material that is created to look just like wood. This is made from plastic fibers and it is the more cost-effective solution for plantation shutters. Even so, it still boasts of its great resistance to elements like moisture and frequent use. It is absolutely durable and low maintenance but it will need UV-resistant coating to add to its longevity. Unlike wood, poly is much heavier.

Among these many types, there is surely one that will fit to your needs and wants. They have varying qualities but all in all, they provide utmost protection and privacy for you. Their prices will not be same but with a budget, you will still get the same calibre and degree of excellence. There is no doubt each of these are built with passion and refinement to cater to your windows.